“I SAID YES!!!!”

Nothing makes my heart flutter faster than seeing an engagement announcement stream across my social media feed. While the user names and rings are different, I cannot help but notice the similarities in all of the pictures. The typical, yet understandable, all capital text proclaiming, “I SAID YES!” along side a quick unfocused image of the ring is definitely the classic post.  By no means does this make your engagement any less exciting, that’s probably what I would do too,  but I have a suggestion if I may-

When your man pops the question, don’t instantly pull out your iPhone and open up all your social media apps in a hurry to share the news. Relish in the moment. Try and take in your surroundings, the look in your soon-to-be fiances eyes. There will never be another time identical to what you are experiencing right in that instant.

But now a few hours (or minutes, or days)  have passed, tears have been shed and the enormous task of informing the world is upon you.

Just how do you want to make your engagement debut?
I love how these couples chose to creatively share their news!

Note: Some of these would require quite a bit of patience, but if you have it in you- they are seriously adorable!


By now, you have probably discovered two things about me- I love coffee, and I love dogs.  Imagine gripping the “does this ring make me look engaged coffee mug?” with your beautiful new ring glistening from the side- how precious is that?! Also, by adding a quick “soon to be” in front of the “Mrs.” on the Starbucks cup you have oh so casually showcased your ring and news.  Coffee posts have mastered looking cute with out looking like you tried super hard.

Maybe your pup is more “insta-famous” than you are- so why not make your sweet pooch be the fore front of your announcement? Whats better than a diamond and a dog?- Nothing, absolutely nothing.

The most creative announcement I saw was by the couple who had their friends play a “what’s different about these images?” game. In my opinion, I would include a third image circling the items different, and placing a heart around the ring.

The cupcake announcement is different from all the others (besides the reindeer dog) because it does not show the actual ring. An announcement like this is good to consider if you have family that is not on social media. It may be more important to share the ring and intimate details with family before the girl you don’t even like, who you probably went to high school with, gets to see it. The cupcake announcement is a good way to share the news with out giving the details or personal images.

Finally, consider including your hubby in your quick posts as opposed to just framing your hand. I love how several of these couples did a spin on the classic announcement- yet they appeared much more intimate, just by changing up the angle or focus.

For those of you who have already shared your big news- how did you do it? Lets face it, there is no bad way to tell people you have found the love of your life and he asked you to marry him.

Until You Say I Do,


Image Credits: Cupcake via PartyPlanned Etsy | Mug via Simplymadegreetings Etsy |Starbucks image via Refinery29 | Dog announcement via Bride’s Book | Differences image via Pinterest | Reindeer dog via Pinterest| I said yes via it’s a bride’s life | Scrabble via Rustic Folk Weddings | Holding Hands via Blondehairandpearls |

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