Morning Glory Farm was established in 1993 by Mike and Patricia Raible, using stone from the property. Mike, an architect designed and built the Italian style farmhouse. They named the farm Morning Glory because that was the first flower the saw when they drove up to the property.

Seeking a farm lifestyle, Scott and Nan Vuncannon purchased the property in 2006. They have continued using organic farming methods to grow blueberry, asparagus, and seasonal vegetables sold to local restaurants and individuals who “pick their own” throughout the year. Desiring a creative way to keep the farm sustainable in the Fall of 2011, they hosted the first outdoor wedding at Morning Glory Farm. Since they have always loved entertaining (Nan enjoys seeing all the details come together) and landscaping (Scott is an avid landscaper), hosting weddings seemed to be the perfect fit.

The natural beauty of Morning Glory Farm creates a setting that calls for the sweet gatherings of family and friends. It is not simply just a farm but it is also a home, a space where love grows and memories are made. Morning Glory is a beloved piece of this world  in which the Vuncannon family try to be good stewards of the land, preparing the farm to host intimate moments and beautiful weddings, welcoming each new couple into their MGF family with open arms and joyful hearts.