Jake & Maggie

 Maggie is a slightly special bride to us, she has grown up at Morning Glory Farm since the age of twelve and you will often see (or not see) her working behind the scenes at almost every single wedding. She loves to see all the sweet memories being made between friends and loved ones at each wedding that she has the privilege to witness on the farm and finally on May 9th, 2015 she was able to experience those exact same feelings of excitement, anxiousness and pure joy dressed in her favorite, dream dress designed by Ship to Shore, who was so lovely to work with and one of our favorite aspects of the planning process. Rylee Hitchner  captured the day in the purest and most beautiful way through her photography. The wedding truly could not have happened without one of Maggie’s dearest friends and extremely talented wedding stylist and florist Abany Bauer. The guys at  Caravan Cinema, who are friends of the groom, came out to film the big day & Jake Colletta of Colletta Films (the groom), edited the video at the bottom of the page as a gift for Maggie.

A HUGE thank you to all the lending hands that made this day so special for our family, we could not have done it without every single person, each playing a vital role. For the complete list of amazing vendors, head to the bottom of the page.

We are incredibly honored to have Maggie’s wedding featured on OnceWed,  click this link to see their feature and to read some words from Maggie herself about her vision of the wedding day …  http://www.oncewed.com/real-weddings/simplistic-farm-wedding/?view=gallery

Hope you like some of our favorite images from the day! Scroll down to take a look.

2015-10-09_0018 2015-10-09_0017 2015-10-09_0016 2015-10-09_0014 2015-10-09_0015 2015-10-09_0019 2015-10-09_0020 2015-10-09_0001 2015-10-09_0002 2015-10-09_0003 2015-10-09_0004 2015-10-09_0013 2015-10-09_0005 2015-10-09_0006 2015-10-09_0007 2015-10-09_0008 2015-10-09_0009 2015-10-09_0010 2015-10-09_0011 2015-10-09_0012 2015-10-09_0023 2015-10-09_0021 2015-10-09_0022 2015-10-09_0025 2015-10-09_0024 2015-10-09_0026 2015-10-09_0027 2015-10-09_0028 2015-10-09_0029 2015-10-09_0030 2015-10-09_0033 2015-10-09_0034 \
2015-10-09_0046 2015-10-09_0035 2015-10-09_0036 2015-10-09_0043 2015-10-09_0042 2015-10-09_0037 2015-10-09_0038 2015-10-09_0040 2015-10-09_0044 2015-10-09_0053 2015-10-09_0041 2015-10-09_0045 2015-10-09_0047 2015-10-09_0048 2015-10-09_0050 2015-10-09_0054 2015-10-09_0049 2015-10-09_0051 2015-10-09_0052 2015-10-09_0031 2015-10-09_0032 2015-10-09_0055 2015-10-09_0056 2015-10-09_0060 2015-10-09_0063 2015-10-09_0057 2015-10-09_0058 2015-10-09_0062 2015-10-09_0061 2015-10-09_0059 2015-10-09_0081 2015-10-09_0064 2015-10-09_0065 2015-10-09_0066 2015-10-09_0067 2015-10-09_0076 2015-10-09_0068 2015-10-09_0070 2015-10-09_0074 2015-10-09_0082 2015-10-09_0078 2015-10-09_0075 2015-10-09_0077 2015-10-09_0069 2015-10-09_0079 2015-10-09_0073 2015-10-09_0072 2015-10-09_0071 2015-10-09_0080


Venue | Morning Glory Farm

Photography | Rylee Hitchner

Styling, Florals, & Planning | Abany Bauer 

Gown | Custom Design by Ship to Shore 

Hair & Makeup | Lula Hair & Makeup

Catering | Best Impressions Caterers

Paper & Calligraphy | Brown Linen Design

Rentals | Hey Love Events

Music | The Dreamtones | Aaron Robertson | Blake Burchette

Videography | Colletta Films | Caravan Cinema Co.

Linens | La Tavola

Vendor Tip Tuesday | Aloft Charlotte Ballantyne





Planning a wedding can be exciting but sometimes it can be demanding.  Don’t let booking the hotel rooms for your guests get to you!  Here are some wedding expert’s top tips for offering the best place for your guests to stay and play while in town for your big day!

For the group block:

  •   When contracting the block, ensure the hotel will not penalize you for unused rooms – read the fine print!
  •   Comparative shop – check the hotel’s website before booking the block to see what rates they are offering during your wedding.  It never hurts to ask for a better rate, especially if there is special out there.
  • Tech savvy travelers will appreciate a website to book their reservations.  See if your hotel can set up a web link to book reservations directly in the group block!
  •  Be sure your guests are aware of the cut-off date for booking the reservations.  This way they can lock in the rate before it goes away!
  • Ask your hotel contact if the hotel participates in any points programs.  Many hotels will offer planning points for booking with them!
  • Check your social media travel sites before booking!  It’s always a great idea to look at sites such as TripAdvisor to get a first-hand experience review.  Don’t forget to encourage reviews too!
  •   Determine if the hotel provides a shuttle and where it goes.  Be sure to ask if you can reserve the shuttle for a certain time if they go to your ceremony/reception site.
  •  Every person has their own travel style.  Try to offer a few different types of hotels for your guests to choose from.

For the gift bag:

  •  Plan to party? Add mini packs of pain relievers with water for the day after aches and pains.  Step it up a notch by providing an electrolyte packed beverage instead!
  •   Provide a reusable bag – something they can keep around to remember the big day!  This will also keep you eco-friendly!
  •  Where are you from?  Provide a small snack or local gift that showcases your hometown!
  • Your guests are coming in for an average of 2 days – give them a list of some of your favorite places.  Don’t forget a map!
  •  If your guests are bringing children, consider adding a small toy or game.  This will keep them enjoying their fun which will help de-stress their parents!
  •   What’s the game plan?  Be sure to include an itinerary for your guests and list the transportation options for those traveling without wheels.


From your wedding guest room experts: Amanda Saari & Karla Pietras at Aloft Charlotte Ballantyne



MGF Wedding Wednesday | Stephanie + Chase

Stephanie + Chase


October 5th, 2013

What an amazing job Allison Kuhn Photography did of capturing the beauty of this charming October wedding on the Farm. We’re especially smitten with Stephanie’s powder blue shoes! Take a moment to soak in all the sweetness of this gorgeous Fall day. We think you’ll love it as much as we do…

2014-03-02_0005 2014-03-02_0021 2014-03-02_0012 2014-03-02_0019 2014-03-02_0015 2014-03-02_0006 2014-03-02_0016 2014-03-02_0002 2014-03-02_0014 2014-03-02_0004 2014-03-02_0009 2014-03-02_0022 2014-03-05_0001
2014-03-02_0010 2014-03-02_0003 2014-03-02_0008
2014-03-02_0023 2014-03-02_0020 2014-03-02_0018 2014-03-02_0017 2014-03-02_0013 2014-03-02_0007 2014-03-02_0001

Photographer | Allison Kuhn Photography 

Day-of Coordinator | Sandy Motley

Caterer | Sauceman’s BBQ

Florist | August Lily 

Bakery | Wow Factor Cakes 

DJ | Virtual Sounds DJ 

MGF Wedding Wednesday | Amber + Chris

 Amber + Chris

September 1, 2013

All Bliss Photography captured Amber and Chris’ sweet day beautifully, I can’t help but rave about the stunning natural light!

The day was mostly  warm and sunny, filled to the brim with love and laughter from this special wedding. A short-lived thunderstorm during the cocktail hour didn’t dampen the fun of this beautiful heartfelt celebration.  It was such a treat for us to have these two love birds tie the knot on our farm and we enjoyed every sweet moment of it! Take a look at these photos for a recap of their big day.  2014-01-14_0019 2014-01-14_0001 2014-01-14_0002 2014-01-14_0005 2014-01-14_0003 2014-01-14_0004 2014-01-14_0006 2014-01-14_0010 2014-01-14_0014 2014-01-14_0011 2014-01-14_0013 2014-01-14_0007 2014-01-14_0009 2014-01-14_0008 2014-01-14_0018 2014-01-14_0015 2014-01-14_0017 2014-01-14_0012 2014-01-14_0016 {Vendors}

Photography | All Bliss Photography 

Coordinator | Wen Events by Wendy

Florals: Bouquet & Arbor | Lily Greenthumbs

Catering | Creative Food Concepts

China Rentals | Mason Dixon Rentals

DJ | Crackerjack Sound Decisions

Video | Charlotte Video Ventures 

MGF Wedding Wednesday | Hannah + Darren

Hannah + Darren

June 15, 2013

What a special day it was to host these two! The details were absolutely beautiful, Hannah + Darren had such fun personalities and their wedding day fit them so well. Zandi Watts Photography captured each joy-filled moment and this bride’s smile just shined in each picture!

Their wedding had such a sweet spirit about it, I’m not sure if it was the couple themselves or even just the family and friends -whose love for the couple was so evident. One of my favorite pieces of the wedding aside from the overall vibe was the IVY on the arbor! Gosh, it was so stunning especially against Hannah’s beautiful red hair.

Take a look at the unique decor and the sweet moments of this day!

2013-11-06_0002 2013-11-06_0003 2013-11-06_0001 2013-11-06_0004 2013-11-06_0005 2013-11-06_0006 2013-11-06_0007 2013-11-06_0008 2013-11-06_0009 2013-11-06_0013 2013-11-06_0016 2013-11-06_0014 2013-11-06_0015 2013-11-06_0017 2013-11-06_0018 2013-11-06_0019 2013-11-06_0020 2013-11-06_0021 2013-11-06_0022 2013-11-06_0023 2013-11-06_0024 2013-11-06_0011 2013-11-06_0010 2013-11-06_0012 {Vendors}

Day of Coordinator | Kristie Mitchell & Nancy Thompson

Caterer | Stone Table Monroe

Florist | Monroe Florist 

Bakery | It’s A Piece of Cake

DJ| Pure Sound

Photographer | Zandi Watts

Musician | Soul Music

MGF Wedding Wednesday | Ashley + Nolan

Ashley + Nolan

This adorable couple was married on July 13, 2013. The day was filled with such love and sweet memories all captured by Dave Krehl Photography.

Ashley and Nolan are not your typical couple, their history stems back to before they were even born when their families were good friends. They had known one another their whole lives (literally creating a lifetime of memories together) but didn’t start dating until their senior year of High School.

Nolan later popped the big question while they were canoeing with a big sign over the river, we loved seeing how the sweet couple incorporated that canoe into aspects of the wedding like Ashley’s Bridals overlooking our pond and using it as a display case for memories on their wedding day.

Take a look to see some of the beautiful memories of their special day becoming husband + wife!

2013-10-14_0001 2013-10-14_0002 2013-10-14_0003 2013-10-14_0004 2013-10-14_0005 2013-10-14_0006 2013-10-14_0007 2013-10-14_0008 2013-10-14_0009 2013-10-14_0010 2013-10-14_0011 2013-10-14_0012 2013-10-14_0013 2013-10-14_0014 2013-10-14_0015 2013-10-14_0016 2013-10-14_0017 2013-10-14_0018 2013-10-14_0019 2013-10-14_0020 2013-10-14_0021 2013-10-14_0022 2013-10-14_0023 2013-10-14_0024 2013-10-14_0025 2013-10-14_0026 {Vendors}

Photography | Dave Krehl Photography

Photo Booth | If It’s Digital 

Catering & Day of Coordinator | Visions Catering

Florist | P.A. Reavis Designs

Bakery | The Charlotte Cake Man

Videographer | Giovanni Films

Wedding Planner | Pam Funderburk

DJ/Band | Rick Underwood

MGF Wedding Wednesday | Emily + Nolan

Emily + Nolan

Emily and Nolan officially tied the knot on August 3rd, 2013 and David Malament Photography was there to capture every moment of the day!

I couldn’t tell if it was the beautiful day or the touches of yellow in their wedding, but that day just seemed so light and effortless. Emily + Nolan were simply so excited to be marrying one another that you couldn’t help but feel the excitement as well!

The bride was stunning and the groom, handsome. But nothing could touch how adorable their two little flower girls were. With big smiles on their faces and sweet sisterly love they were certainly a highlight of the wedding!

Take a look at their light, vintage country styled wedding!

2013-10-08_0001 2013-10-08_0002 2013-10-08_0005 2013-10-08_0006 2013-10-08_0007 2013-10-08_0008 2013-10-08_0003 2013-10-08_0004 2013-10-08_0009 2013-10-08_0010 2013-10-08_0011 2013-10-08_0013 2013-10-08_0012 2013-10-08_0014 2013-10-08_0015 2013-10-08_0016 2013-10-08_0017 2013-10-08_0018 2013-10-08_0019 2013-10-08_0020 2013-10-08_0021 2013-10-08_0022 2013-10-08_0023 2013-10-08_0024 2013-10-08_0025 2013-10-08_0026 2013-10-08_0027 2013-10-08_0028 2013-10-08_0029 {Vendors}

Photography | David Malament 

Catering | Adams 7th Street

Bakery | Amanda Auger

Day of Coordinator  | Elizabeth Teel

Props | Saturated Glory 

MGF Wedding Wednesday | Emily + Matt

Emily + Matt

April 19, 2012

A rainy day celebration was exactly how I would describe this sweet and intimate wedding captured by Bella Loren Photography. The day was filled with never ending showers but the bride and groom took it with stride, even puddle jumping in their boots.

Emily + Matt had such a fun, beautiful wedding despite the rain, they made the day their own and were not about to let a little bit of water stop them from making the most of it!  They decided to have the ceremony and celebration underneath the tent.  I love seeing how intimate and sweet the tent can make the moment. In a literal sense, it brings everyone together under one roof for one purpose.

We loved being able to play a small part in that purpose – the celebration and coming together of one amazing couple, thank you Emily + Matt for sharing your sweet spirit and LOVE-FILLED day!!

2013-09-18_0005 2013-09-18_0004 2013-09-18_0012 2013-09-18_0003 2013-09-18_0002 2013-09-18_0013 2013-09-18_0009 2013-09-18_0006 2013-09-18_0016 2013-09-18_0008 2013-09-18_0001 2013-09-18_0007 2013-09-18_0010 2013-09-18_0011 2013-09-18_0014 2013-09-18_0019 2013-09-18_0020 2013-09-18_0017 2013-09-18_0015 2013-09-18_0018 2013-09-18_0022 2013-09-18_0024 2013-09-18_0025 2013-09-18_0021 2013-09-18_0023 2013-09-18_0026 2013-09-18_0027 2013-09-18_0028 2013-09-18_0029

Photography | Bella Loren 
XOXO, Maggie