Leave A Little Glitter Wherever You Go

Everyone at Morning Glory hopes you had a joyous holiday season filled with love and laughter. But now that the parties have all been hosted, the turkeys and hams have all been eaten, and the twinkle lights have been placed back in their boxes until next year- it is easy to feel dull about the rest of the winter months. Surrounded by the task of New Years diets and self improving resolutions, it is nearly impossible to not long for summer. To risk sounding juvenile, as a twenty-something year old female, I stand behind that fact that nothing can liven an area like a little sparkle. Who says the glitz has to end with the holidays? At Morning Glory there is never a bad time for a wedding sprinkled with glitter. Whether you include glitter into your main color scheme or have accented details, glitter can invigorate any wedding in a tasteful and formal way. From bridesmaids dresses to place cards, here are a few ways that glitter (in all colors!) can be added to spruce up your big day!

Do you have any plans to include glitter  in your wedding?

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“I SAID YES!!!!”

Nothing makes my heart flutter faster than seeing an engagement announcement stream across my social media feed. While the user names and rings are different, I cannot help but notice the similarities in all of the pictures. The typical, yet understandable, all capital text proclaiming, “I SAID YES!” along side a quick unfocused image of the ring is definitely the classic post.  By no means does this make your engagement any less exciting, that’s probably what I would do too,  but I have a suggestion if I may-

When your man pops the question, don’t instantly pull out your iPhone and open up all your social media apps in a hurry to share the news. Relish in the moment. Try and take in your surroundings, the look in your soon-to-be fiances eyes. There will never be another time identical to what you are experiencing right in that instant.

But now a few hours (or minutes, or days)  have passed, tears have been shed and the enormous task of informing the world is upon you.

Just how do you want to make your engagement debut?
I love how these couples chose to creatively share their news!

Note: Some of these would require quite a bit of patience, but if you have it in you- they are seriously adorable!


By now, you have probably discovered two things about me- I love coffee, and I love dogs.  Imagine gripping the “does this ring make me look engaged coffee mug?” with your beautiful new ring glistening from the side- how precious is that?! Also, by adding a quick “soon to be” in front of the “Mrs.” on the Starbucks cup you have oh so casually showcased your ring and news.  Coffee posts have mastered looking cute with out looking like you tried super hard.

Maybe your pup is more “insta-famous” than you are- so why not make your sweet pooch be the fore front of your announcement? Whats better than a diamond and a dog?- Nothing, absolutely nothing.

The most creative announcement I saw was by the couple who had their friends play a “what’s different about these images?” game. In my opinion, I would include a third image circling the items different, and placing a heart around the ring.

The cupcake announcement is different from all the others (besides the reindeer dog) because it does not show the actual ring. An announcement like this is good to consider if you have family that is not on social media. It may be more important to share the ring and intimate details with family before the girl you don’t even like, who you probably went to high school with, gets to see it. The cupcake announcement is a good way to share the news with out giving the details or personal images.

Finally, consider including your hubby in your quick posts as opposed to just framing your hand. I love how several of these couples did a spin on the classic announcement- yet they appeared much more intimate, just by changing up the angle or focus.

For those of you who have already shared your big news- how did you do it? Lets face it, there is no bad way to tell people you have found the love of your life and he asked you to marry him.

Until You Say I Do,


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This One’s For The Girls

There is no amount of yoga or number of cocktails that can keep you cool, calm and collected through out the entire wedding planning process. While you like to imagine yourself as put together as Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner, chances are you have moments where you more closely resemble bridezilla. So how do you thank those brave women who hold your hands and your heart through the highs and lows of this daunting process?  The ones who will be there for you for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.

The saints who patiently answer their phones at 3am to help you make the impossible decisions , such as…

Beige or cream table cloths?
Standard or cathedral length veil?
Do you really have to invite your mother’s best friend’s nephew to the ceremony?

…that’s right ladies, I’m talking about your bridesmaids!

Here are a list of my favorite thank you gifts for the cherished and irreplaceable women in your bridal party (who likely deserve so much more). You don’t have to break the bank to show your gratitude, so the following items will all fall under a $50 limit.



    Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug or the Homegrown Monogram Mug

 With a minimal price tag of only $10 and $8 these mugs from Anthropology are the perfect gift for the girl who likes to stamp her monogram on everything. Stuff with matching tissue paper and throw in a Starbucks gift card and there is no way she won’t be pleased.
This matte finished clutch is big enough to fit all the essentials for the big day, or any other day, and is likely to become a staple piece in her weekend wardrobe. The nude- pink coloring makes this bag super neutral, the splash of gold makes it fun and the price of $28.43 makes it irresistible.
Alex and Ani state that finding an oyster beholding a pearl is a rare and blessed gift. Kind of like the rarity that applies to finding genuine and loving friendships. Show your leading ladies you feel blessed to have them in your life with these one of a kind bangles. Coming in at $38 these dainty pieces (available in silver and gold) make a statement standing on their own or added to a collection.  -Alex and Ani also offer Sister, Cousin, Mother, and Friend bracelets
Few things says ‘I love you’ like giving your girls the gift of comfy shoes. These moccasin bedroom shoes are great for getting ready and lounging around but will most appreciated after a long night of dancing in cruel (but cute) wedding shoes. J. Crew offers these in dried lavender, dark nutmeg and pale thistle for $49.50.

This week is all things bridesmaids so I would love to hear how you asked your dearest friends to be in your wedding.

& If you haven’t popped the question yet, consider these darling BHLDN cards to help you do the deed.



Until You Say I Do,


 Image Credit: |Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug & Homegrown Monogram Mug via Anthropology | Slanted Bar Clutch Bag via ASOS Oyster Charm Bracelet via Alex and Ani |Lodge Moccasins via J. Crew | Pop-the-Question Maid Cards via BHLDN  |

Not your Mama’s Wedding Dress

Bridal gowns have certainly come a long way since decades past and now it is becoming seemingly apparent that less is more. But saying goodbye to big puffy sleeves and the hoop skirt does not mean that these dresses pack any less of a punch.With minimal fuss, my favorite dresses have whimsical movement and romance created by increasingly popular illusion necklines (or backs) mixed with timeless lace or tulle. What is more fabulous than lace on a farm? Nothing, absolutely nothing. And while tulle may have been previously considered stiff, when purchasing from the right designer you can have a dress with layers upon layers of soft floating material.  Surprisingly, these dresses are incredibly versatile, fitting in perfectly to any theme wedding whether it be elegant, bohemian, or rustic. Without a doubt, illusion features are eye catching and when paired with lace appliques or beaded embellishments you will be making an unforgettable entrance on your wedding day.

What are your thoughts on this up and coming trend?- Love it or gotta leave it?

My vote is in and I am 100% hooked, but take a look for yourself…

Until You Say I Do,



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Jewel Tones

As October turned into November,  over night, we were met with the cold realization that we are moving through fall, full speed ahead. The weeks will go by and we will look to bare trees, whom recently boasted splendid shades of oranges, reds and greens. There is much beauty to be found in the grays of winter, though.

A pure beautiful snow.

The sounds and warmth of a crackling fire.

The lingering smell of an Evergreen tree.

The first sip of a marshmallow topped mug of Hot Chocolate.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with that comes irreplaceable memories made with loved ones.  I have found that few colors compliment cold weather and warm hearts better than rich jewel tones. Bold shades of garnet, emerald, ruby and sapphire paired with a shimmering sequin accent can brighten up even the dullest of winter days.  Be brave and incorporate these phenomenal shades  in to table settings, floral arrangements, bridesmaids dresses and personal accessories. Statements are made from the perfect flash of a sapphire heel from beneath your snowy white gown, or the eye catching glimmer of a teardrop emerald earring against your veil. . When it comes to decor, keep in mind, you can always have a less vibrant pallet by mixing your  jewel tones with an earthy color- such as gold, tan, neutral greens or mauve. Whether you turn them down or let them shine boldly, adding jewel tones to your winter wedding color pallet will have your guests melting!

Until You Say I Do,



Image credit| Color Pallet – My Wedding Favors |Giambattista Valli Dress via Pinterest |Nadia Meli Photo via The Pretty Blog | Bridal Musings Invite | Bridesmaids Dresses- Style Me Pretty |Dress photographed by Noa Griffel via Tory Burch Blog | Table Setting via Two Foxes Photography| Eric Ronald: Fig, Garnet & Gold photo via Chic Vintage Bridal | Gucci Shoes via #Inspiredby | Jill Thomas Bridesmaid photo via Green wedding Shoes |DIY Hanger via Oh Lovely Day |  Bride+Bouquet Photo via Want That Wedding |Cake via 100 Layer Cake |


From the Intern

From the second Nan and Maggie showed up at Starbucks the conversation was free flowing and inviting. They are the kind of women that make you feel as if you have known them your whole life, after just a few short minutes. This dynamic mother daughter duo is the brains and brilliance behind their beloved Morning Glory wedding farm. Talking about their dreams for the farm, their eyes lit up with a kind of passion that some people are never fortunate enough to experience. They are the perfect combination of classic and modern with a southern rustic twist and they bring a positive energy that is absolutely contagious. Who wouldn’t want to get married surrounded by that? They are the reinvented Lorelei and Rory Gilmore that we have all grown up admiring and I was thrilled to sit down and meet with them today. On a crowded patio filled with fall flavored coffees it is hard to imagine I could bring anything to the table that these two haven’t already considered, but here is my attempt. I would love to share with our future brides the three things that I am currently obsessed with for the big day…

1) #HappilyEverAfter

I love couples creating their own personal Instagram wedding hashtag. It is a perfect way for the bride and groom to take advantage of the social media crazed world we live in. I suggest placing a creative chalkboard or printed sign clearly labeling the hashtag of choice and encourage guests to tag it while taking pictures through out the night. It is a great way to see pictures from different perspectives while you are celebrating with your friends and family. Try and come up with a creative play on your last night or new last name to personalize it. For example, if your last name is “Book”, you could tag #storyBOOKwedding.



2) Mismatched Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids dresses have been a running joke for quite some time now. I actually shuttered in fear while watching Katherine Heigl model her disastrous wedding attire in the movie 27 Dresses. While the bride is with out a doubt the main attraction on her wedding day, it’s only fair to let your girlfriends look their best as well. So my solution is this: stop cramming different body types into one dress and expecting them to look good.Unless you are blessed with identical shaped friends, it is very rare to find a single dress that compliments the diverse beautiful body types of all women. Try dawning your girls in complimenting dresses that flatter each of them. Not only will you gain serious friend points, but your pictures will be ten times better if Barbara’s bust line isn’t exploding out of the sweetheart neckline that looks so innocent on Sarah. If you’re really brave consider mismatching colors, in addition to style, to better accent the multiple colors in your wedding day pallet. Especially in the Fall, due to the various colors of the leaves, it is great time to try adding complimenting dresses.


3) Flower Crowns

Imagine this: The sun is shining brightly, a light breeze rustles through the trees giving your dress the perfect amount of movement and with your eye-catching bouquet you are the ultimate bridal goddess..but maybe you want to throw in some boho glamor. A perfect touch that not only photographs beautifully but is a trend setting staple this season is the flower crown. Wearable with or without a veil, a flower crown is a youthful and dazzling touch that, in addition to your bouquet, adds a wonderful floral detail that draws attention to your lovely face. While channeling your inner Martha Stewart, flower crowns make for a simple DIY project- or can be easily purchased online. Etsy has a wonderful assortment of them, varying in colors, shapes, and sizes.


So there you have it, the three things I cannot get enough of these days. What about you all?

I would love to hear what wonderful wedding day ideas you ladies are in love with!

Until You Say I Do,


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